Fast Pop Punk

Amber Pacific Fading Days (2004)
The Possibility And The Promise (2005)
Truth In Sincerity (2007)
Amber Pacific EP (2009)
Virtues (2010)
The Turn (2014)
At Both Ends Knackered (2015)
Wheel's Out The Window (2017)
Brodie Split LP w)Glasshead (2001)
When I'm With You (2002)
Brookhurst Heartstrings (2019)
Crash-11 Assimilate/Compassionless (2018)
Crash-11 (2018)
Songs I Wish I Wrote (2018)
Surrounded By Misanthropy (2018)
Downway Never Be Clever Again (2000)
Dynamite Boy Somewhere In America (2001)
Eat Defeat Time & Tide (2016)
I Think We'll Be OK (2018)
The Fairlanes Songs For Cruising (1997)
Welcome To Nowhere (2001)
Fortune Cove Dear Happiness (2019)
Gametime Gametime (2019)
Hangnail Hangnail (1999)
Harbour Grade School Summer (2014)
The Linden Method Thin Skin (2018)
Michaelane Straight From The Ghetto (2007)
Nerdlinger Happy Place (2018)
Next II Nothing Boo-Hoo (2001)
One Dollar Short Eight Days Away (2002)
Over It Time Is Everything (2002)
Panic QT's Growing Weirder (2019)
Potential Getaway Driver Fire, Ice And Lukewarm Water (2000)
Set Your Goals Munity! (2006)
Sidewalk Surfers Not Me (2016)
Spoiler Starting With S (2016)
Such A Mess Good Intentions Giving Way (2014)
Sugus Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (2004)
The Undecided The Undecided (1999)
USELESS ID Bad Story, Happy Ending (2001)
Valve Drive Best My Guest (2005)
Chronicle (2006)
Sometimes, Walnut Ending (2008)
Yellowcard One For The Kids (2001)
The Underdog EP (2002)