Fast Melodic Punk

Adhesive Sideburner (1996)
A Tribute To Bad Religion Vol.2 (1998)
From Left To Right (1998)
Astream Woodfish (1996)
Autopilot Off Looking Up (1999)
Ballpoint Magnetik (1999)
Beer Bong Fast And Comfortable (2003)
Beer Bong (2004)
Murder Party (2006)
Future Behind Us (2018)
Belvedere Becasue No One Stopped Us (1998)
Angels Live In My Town (2000)
'Twas Hell Said Former Child (2002)
Better Luck Next Year It's The Numbers That Kill Us (2004)
Beyond Reasonable Doubt Beyond Reasonable Doubt (2006)
Bigwig Stay Asleep (1999)
Blender Welcome To Blenderland (1994)
Boardroom Heroes Boardroom Heroes (2011)
Broken Cedars Forever (2000)
Captain Everything! Learning To Play With... (2000)
It's Not Rocket Science (2003)
Buena Vista Bingo Club (2006)
Chaser Numb America (2006)
Choke Needless To Say (1997)
COLORSFADE Colorsfade (2016)
Craig's Brother Homecoming (1998)
The Insidious Lie (2011)
Dearly Divided So Much For Beginnings (2017)
The Decline Can I Borrow A Feeling? (2014)
The Definitive Measure The End Of Beginning (2009)
Dirty Kirst Absence Makes The Music Faster (2012)
Dogwood Matt Aragon (2001)
Downway Downway Is As Downway Does (1995)
Kacknacker (1998)
Double Negative When We're Gone (2016)
Drunk In Public Tapped Out (1996)
Eye In Me Space Invaders & Private Investigators (2005)
4ft Fingers At Your Convenience (2001
From Hero To Zero (2002)
Fast As We Go Far Nice Guys Cum Last (2016)
Fast For Decay Talkin' About My Generetion (2005)
First Step To Failure When Best Friends Become Strrangers (2014)
Five Days Off Ripping The Field (2000)
5 Days Off (2001)
Coast To Coast (2002)
G.A.S. Drummers Proud To Be Nothing (1999)
Gibberish Between Timid and Timbuktu (2016)
2017 Promo CD (2017)
Girlband Rock For Beginners (2002)
Hack The Mainframe Trapped Online (2016)
Half Hearted Hero Defining. Refining. (2009)
Whatever (2013)
Handheld Homebrew (1999)
Still Tickin' (2000)
Happy Meals Toaster (1999)
Hogwash Rainmaker (2014)
Honolulu Breakdown Teribble Hot Cardboard (2009)
Hope Feel Like A Buck Fifty (2002)
Implants From Chaos To Order (2013)
The Olden Age (2016)
Lapdog Knight For A Day (1995)
Last Resort Candle Of Sorrow (2013)
Layaway Plan Solutions To Substance (2001)
LEXT Shadows (2010)
Not A Movie (2014)
Poolside (2014)
Lickety-Split TBA-EP (2002)
Local Resident Failure The Here's The Hard part (2015)
Men On Mars Crashing On A Punkrock Planet (2009)
Mercy Street Let Me Live (2014)
Milkshed Time (1997)
Much The Same Quitters Never Win (2003)
Mute Blueprints (2004)
Sleepers (2004)
Neutral Let’s Talk About Compromise EP (2017)
20 Years Compromise For Melodic Punk (2018)
Newbridge Downfall Reprisals And Regrets (2010)
NOB Colors (2004)
Not Available Burp (1996)
No Excuses (2014)
Grandpunks (2017)
Of No Avail Deadline (1998)
Off The Record Remember When... (2000)
Omaha Touch 'em all, Joe (2014)
One Car Pile Up Worst Episode Ever (2003)
One Dollar Short Eight Days Away (2002)
One Light Out One Light Out (2006)
Out In Style Broken Dreams (2018)
PMX Rise And Shine (2007)
The Ballad Of Tony Montana (2013)
Clochridgestone (2018)
Pridebowl No Better, No Worse (1997)
Propagandhi How To Clean Everything (1993)
How To Clean Everything 20th Anniversary Edition (2013)
Racer Ten The World Of Tomorrow (2001)
Raised By Apes Destination Nowhere (2007)
Randy The Rest Is Silence (1996)
Rebuke Outside Of Calamity (2007)
Reset No Worries (1997)
No Limits (1998)
Rufio Perhaps, I Suppose... (2001)
7-10 Split The Stars Have Fallen (2002)
Satanic Surfers The Usurper (2018)
Back From Hell (2018)
Schoreder The Game Is About Over (2002)
Scott Sellers The Judge (2018)
The Jitters (2018)
Strings (2018)
Second Floor Daycare トイレはどこですか(Toire Wa Doko Desu Ka) (2001)
A Second Plan Defy Gravity (2018)
Secondshot Songs From The Zoo (2002)
Seven Years Bad Luck (2003)
Sellfish Major League Punkrock (2010)
Setbacks Oceans Apart (2017)
Shiver Never Too Late (2001)
Skin Of Tears Shit Happens (1995)
SLED A Better You (2017)
Steamboat Rally Steamboat Rally (2004)
Building (2005)
Steamboat Rally (2006)
Stoned Music For The Morons (1995)
Ed's Diner (1997)
The Swellers Beginning Of The End Again (2005)
The Swellers (2006)
Symphony Of Distraction Pudwack (2010)
Call It Off, John (2012)
Horse (2018)
Teresa Banks Teresa Banks (2018)
Too Close To See memories & milestones (2017)
TOTALFAT First-demo-tape (2000)
the First Anniversary of TOTALFAT (2001)
The Punk Rock Split (2002)
Split w)Milk Robber (2003)
CD-R From 1st Album (2003)
End Of Introduction (2003)
Conscious+Practice (2018)
The Twisted Minds Ambitions And Disillusions (2003)
USELESS ID Dead's Not Punk (2003)
7 Hits From Hell (2018)
Utopia Now Dad's Not Punk (2018)
Venerea Hullabaloo (1994)
Both Ends Burning (1997)
Winning Streak Whichever Path You Take (2018)
Wiseheimer None The Wiser (2004)
Yellowcard Where We Stand (1999)
Youthinasia E.P. (2004)
Zero Down With A Lifetime To Pay (2001)