Daggermouth Melodic Hardcore
Dal Failure Acoustic
Dan Patthast Acoustic
Dance Hall Crashers Ska Punk
Darko Melodic Hardcore
Dashboard Confessional Emo
Daylight Pop Punk
Dead Ex Melodic Punk
Dead Market Melodic Hardcore
Dead Neck Melodic Hardcore
Dead Rejects Crack Rock Steady
Dearly Divided Fast Melodic Punk
The Decline Fast Melodic Punk
The Definitive Measure Fast Melodic Punk
Descendents Melodic Punk
Devils UK Melodic
Digger Old School Pop Punk
The Dillinger Eacape Plan Chaostic Hardcore
Direct Hit! Old School Pop Punk
Dirt Bike Annie Old School Pop Punk
Dogpiss UK Melodic
Dogwood Fast Melodic Punk
Don't Look Down Pop Punk
Downway Fast Melodic Punk
Double Negative Fast Melodic Punk
Dowzer Melodic Punk
The Drapes Melodic Punk
Drones Melodic Hardcore
Dropnose Melodic Hardcore
Drunk In Public Fast Melodic Punk
Dumprilonger Melodic Hardcore
Duncan Redmonds UK Melodic
Durai Melodic Hardcore
Dynamite Boy Fast Pop Punk