Saosin Screamo
Save Ends Indie Rock
Saves The Day Indie Rock
The Scaries Melodic Punk
Scorefor Melodic Punk
Scott Murphy Pop
The Second Glance Pop Punk
Secondshot Fast Melodic Punk
The Selectionz Power Pop
Sellfish Fast Melodic Punk
Set Fire To Reason Melodic Hardcore
Set Your Goals Fast Pop Punk
7 Years Melodic Punk
Shai Hulud New School Hardcore
Shrot Attention Old School Pop Punk
Sick It Of All Old School Hardcore
Sit On It Melodic Punk
Skad Missile Ska Punk
Skumdum Trall Punk
Slick Shoes Melodic Punk
Slow Death Folk Punk
Smoke Or Fire Melodic Punk
SNUFF UK Melodic
The Softer Side Melodic Punk
Sombulance Melodic Hardcore
Sonic Surf City Power Pop
Spoiler Fast Pop Punk
The Starting Line Pop Punk
The Steal Melodic Hardcore
Steamboat Rally Fast Melodic Punk
Stereo Vision Pop Punk
Steve Rawls Acoustic
Stoned Fast Melodic Punk
Streetlight Manifesto Ska Punk
Straightline Melodic Hardcore
Strike Anywhere Melodic Hardcore
Strung Out Melodic Punk
Summer Vacation Old School Pop Punk
The Swellers Melodic Punk
Symphony Of Distraction Fast Melodic Punk
The Syncope Threhold New School Hardcore