Babymetal Pop
Bad Astronaut Melodic Punk
Bad Religion Melodic Punk
Baken Beans Fast Melodic Punk
Balance & Composure Indie Rock
Ball Point Fast Melodic Punk
Bandage Melodic Punk
Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution Acoustic
Bare Teeth Melodic Hardcore
Baseball Annie Melodic Punk
Bash Brothers Melodic Hardcore
Baxter Post Hardcore
Be Like Max Ska Punk
Beach Slang Melodic Punk
The Beautiful Mistake Post Hardcore
Beauty School Dropout UK Melodic
Bedtime For Charlie Melodic Punk
Beer Bong Fast Melodic Punk
Before Me Melodic Hardcore
Before Today Melodic Hardcore
Begarsound Melodic Punk
Belvedere Melodic Hardcore
Best Ex Indie Rock
Better Luck Next Time Pop Punk
Better Luck Next Year Fast Melodic Punk
Beyond Reasonable Doubt Fast Melodic Punk
Big D and the Kids Table Ska Punk
Bigwig Melodic Hardcore
Bike Age Melodic Hardcore
Billy Meier Fast Melodic Punk
Billy No Mates UK Melodic
Billy Talent Screamo
Blender Fast Melodic Punk
Blinded Fast Melodic Punk
Blink-182 Pop Punk
Boardroom Heroes Fast Melodic Punk
Bodyjar Melodic Punk
Bomb The Music Industry Ska Punk
The Bouncing Souls Melodic Punk
Boxcar Pop Punk
Bracket Old School Pop Punk
Brand New Post Hardcore
Break The Silence Melodic Hardcore
Bring Me The Horizon Rock
Bring On The Storm Melodic Hardcore
Broadway Calls Melodic Punk
Broccoli UK Melodic
Brodie Fast Pop Punk
Broken Aris Melodic Hardcore
Broken Cedars Fast Melodic Punk
Brookhurst Fast Pop Punk
Bullets To Broadway Melodic Punk