The Taj Motel Trio Ska Punk
The Tank Melodic Punk
Ten Foot Pole Melodic Punk
Thanks To Losers Melodic Hardcore
Thanx 4 All The Shoes Melodic Hardcore
They're / Their / There 90's Emo
This Is A Standoff Melodic Hardcore
This Legend Melodic Punk
Thousand Oaks Melodic Hardcore
Thrice Screamo
Tigers Jaw Indie Rock
Tiltwheel Melodic Punk
Time To Break Up Melodic Punk
Toh Kay Acoustic
Tony Sly Acoustic
Too Close To See Fast Melodic Punk
Torches To Triggers Melodic Hardcore
The Tossers Celtic Punk
TOTALFAT Melodic Punk
Trick Shots Melodic Punk
Tripdash Melodic Hardcore
The Twsited Minds Fast Melodic Punk